Saturday, January 2, 2010

The one ten train - Jinks

If the new year resolution is to show commitment on the bike, it's going to be hard to top the first day of the year ! Bill & I got a invite to come check out the annual new year's day ride down in Richmond. The big boys were there and alot of others too. Had to be 50 + rides. Things got fast soon enough. Bill & I where able to make it to the front straight away. After alittle more than a hour of fast getting faster, a hill that turn out to be a bit more than a roller separated me from the fun bunch. As it rolled away. I would estimate some 15 riders left standing! ( Bill rode the crazy train to the end, 9 finished in the lead group) Things say interesting for me after that. I did get back to the start, but not before giving up my spare tube, realizing I hadn't brought my phone, witnessing fourty rides disappear into the Richmond country side, and experiencing a 12 mile dice ride on Rt 360. ( Do not ride your bike on Rt 360 )

In the Pedals, Jinks


  1. Jinks hopefully I'll be there for you next year, brother!

  2. You forgot to mention how many times you took massive pulls. Seeing you there beside me, knee deep in the hurt, made me ride harder for sure. I think you got 10 min more quality riding in then me.

  3. Rode outside for 10hrs over this past long weekend. The cold is of New England standard.The wind keeping you from fully knowing you are on a bike ! Rides like these have to make you stronger or at least less aware of the pain !