Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ken's training

Just finished up with a 4 mile run and Cylo-Zen which is an 8 min strengh work out: 50 hindu squats, 1 min seated chair, 25 hindu push-ups, then an ab work out. I did this twice and I am spent, time for a nice relaxing shower and compression tights.

Well another Cyclo core done. I am now up to 125 hindu squats I love this work out. Tommorow will be another Muscle break down with coach Troy and the boys. Then I get a break on Thursday, I have to help Steve with his new toy.

Well my training has been all about strength and power. I have been doing Cyclo-core DVD twice a week, the Ab/core work out once a week. Now I have started in with Spinervals which I'll be doing once a week. Today I did 4.0 Muscle breakdown which is a real a$$ kicker but feels good at the end.
I am looking forward to the training race in Richmond at the race track, I signed up for the 3/4 race. I hope the rest of the team can make it.


  1. Ken, I've already talked to a couple of bookies and placed a large sum for you to win the Richmond training race . . . . please don't disappoint!

  2. That 5 minute set of 4 sec on and 4 sec off in Troy's Muscle Breakdown is just a killer! I was doing this one every other week for a while, but have taken a few weeks off now. I guess I need to dig that one out again... (sigh)

  3. I have my eye RIR Ken,I will let you know when its a sealed deal.

  4. Ken - I am going to race the 3/4 with you at RIR - my local riding/training group is going to the Handmade Bicycle Show that day, so I figure why not go mix it up at RIR, too!

    Anonymous - I love those killer 4sec on/offs! I force them on my spinning class students - that's probably why they hate me...

  5. Keep that baby aimed down range please! Keep the bloggin commin!

  6. Ken thanks again for your time, the training and the goodies. Now I just need to discharge the damn thing.